03 – The World as Noumenom, Phenomenon and Representation.

If there is a noumenal world then death will inevitably reveal it.

Life is for the phenomenal. To seek the noumenal is to seek death. To wonder about the noumenon’s existence is to fetishize death.

I realised that I am lost in a haunted wood. But why did I start to believe I needed to go home? If I don’t need to get home, then I am not lost after all.

Fuck going home. If there is a home then death will be my ferryman. If not, the subject is moot.

I have written that perhaps the only thing haunting the wood is myself. Why is my self a ghost? It is obscured by obsession with the noumenon. If it exists then no man can know of it, but all want to teach what it is.

Or better? the idea of a noumenon self is that which haunts the wood. The uninhibited self is that which enchants the wood.

To live? To believe only in the phenomenal, whilst the noumenal’s siren whispers in one’s ear.

To die? To believe only in the noumenal, whilst seeing the phenomenal right before one’s eyes.

Logic is a defence from other people’s beliefs. Reason creates navigational aids but the map is only representation.

The World as Noumenom, Phenomenon and Representation?

There is only one world, but three experiences. The first: without experience. The second: with experience. The third: experience murdered to dissect.

The Noumenom is a collective sleep. The Phenomenon is a dream. The objective world is a collective dream. The individual is a lucid dream.

Thus the world of Phenomenon is the the only true world that a phenomenal being can have, and it is reality. Or rather Life is for the living. The world of reason is a utilitarian representation and has no reality. It is a map for navigating the dream. The world is not an illusion but our ideas about it are.

To awaken from the dream is for the individual to die and return to sleep. Or perhaps the end of the dream is the end of it all.

No one remembers the start of a dream. There is no real history, personal or collective, just the back-story to the dream.

Plato’s forms inverted.

To see is to see. To scientifically explain vision tells us not how we see but rather how to exploit the function of sight.

True knowledge of reality cannot be found by logic, but logic can cut to shreds the collective representations of man. Especially his moral representations.

Logic as a shield. In-sight as a lancet. Spirit as an increase in lucidity.

The world of phenomenon is thus known through spirit, or mind, or lucidity.

There is no solution to the problem of epistemology. It is only a problem for those who demand a solution. Their only solution is death.

Principles are the moral representations of reason and the chains of the slave.

  • Noumenom, Phenomenon, Representation
  • Sleep, Dream (Collective vs Lucid), Useful Illusion
  • Zeus, Hermes , Newton

One thought on “03 – The World as Noumenom, Phenomenon and Representation.

  1. Those who control the past control the future.
    Those who control the present control the past.

    To be NEO the one, a lucid dreamer. A light bringer amongst the herd.
    The neumenom is the agent called Smith, the other one who accused the lucid of being a virus but was infact “themselves” the virus. The source of the sleeping hive.


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