05 – Hermes, the god of this world

“God is a comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to laugh.”


Hermes, the god of this world 

Does it ever feel like someone is laughing at you; That the joke is on you? What if it’s the other way around?

The jester wants you to laugh at him, with him.

If you found out that 9/11 was a hoax; that no one died, no one got hurt. Full stop. How would that make you feel?

What if you found out that nukes are a hoax; that war is a hoax; that history is a hoax; would that upset you? 

Are you a traditionalist, a free speech advocate, a liberal or a conservative? Have you railed against those that get triggered by a joke?

Well what if life is a joke and the god of this world a jester and a trickster? He wishes you no harm, only to laugh along with him.

Life is a joke: a sentence rarely followed by laughter. Life is a joke: you wake up, go to work, come home, get nagged by the wife, go to sleep, wake up, go to work…then you retire, get a gold watch and you die. Life is a bad joke. 

Life is a joke; a good joke or a bad joke?

The joker responds to the audience. To him who lives in fear, life is indeed a bad joke; ‘tis always the season for gloom and despair. To him who lives aloof, live is indeed a good joke, ‘tis always the season for laughter and merriment.

But, it’s offensive to say that war is a hoax and a joke. 

Would you rather people had actually died?

Offensive, to be offended. That joke offends me. Traditionally it was religious sensibilities that were offended. Why were they offended? Because God was offended!

If finding out that 9/11 was a hoax; that nukes are a hoax; that war is a hoax; that history is a hoax; if that offends you – on whose behalf are you offended? On God’s behalf? On the victim’s behalf? Most likely on your own behalf, on behalf of your inability to give up your programming, your brainwashing, your love of the stories borne of consensus and authority.

But they cry, billions of people believed it was real and were upset by the joke.

Is the joker bound by the slow-witted masses? If one person is upset and offended, must he stop? What if ten, what if one hundred, what if a million?

The cosmic prank is not being played on us. The prankster wants to make us laugh, to entertain us. Why are you afraid to laugh with him?

Truth outside of our experience is a hoax. 

The purpose of the joke is to reveal this truth to you. 

Why are you afraid to laugh?

Postscript: The great hope of the twentieth century. That men spend months slaughtering each other, stop for one day to play football, and then go back to slaughtering each other.

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