The King Alfred the Great Hoax

The following is a rather long article that was first published on the fine website:, and is available via the link following. Thank you to JLB for allowing me to use the original thumbnail for the post image.

King Alfred the Great Hoax

Apologies for the formatting but linking in this way is the best method that I could come up with until I do some more work on this site. For those who are members on JLB’s website I would recommend reading it there, if you haven’t already.

This work was inspired by the ground-breaking history hoax work carried out by John le Bon which can be found at the above link. My King Alfred the Great Hoax was particularly inspired by the following article: is another fine website for learning about the historical hoax. Behold the revelation of the lack of primary source documents. Follow the link and fall down the rabbit hole.

I am currently working on an article which will combine the history hoax with the medical hoax. I hope to publish it in the near future.

Please forgive the basic layout of this website. I hope to improve on it soon.

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