19 – How to Hoax a Global Pandemic.

This short post is an elaboration on some questions that arose from my most popular YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvlS0oCW9_I&t=8s. Here a prophylactic and cure is offered to the CoronaMINDvirus.

Too many people would have to be in on it? Really?

The ease of hoaxing a global flu pandemic.

Wait till the flu season.

See that it is a year with a higher than average occurrence of flu-type symptoms (influenza is the word we give to these symptoms.)

Then return those with symptoms of influenza or even the common cold as coronavirus.

Model a pandemic using a computer model.

All countries are run by the same people.

So simply alter what the computer spits out from the mouth swabs in certain areas, timed to match a pandemic and boom you have hoaxed a global pandemic for a new form of influenza.

It seems to me that a handful of people could manage it.

p.s. If you wanted you could release whatever agent causes flu-type symptoms in hand sanitizer which also might match the epidemiology of flu pandemics.

As the mind virus spreads people buy and use sanitizer and so the physical pandemic mirrors the mind pandemic.

Personally, I feel this extra step to be unnecessary, but there may be some who prefer this extra step.

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