Against Truth, or For Reality (Part One)

 Originally published 16th Mar 2020. Slightly edited. Usual caveats apply i.e. In my writings I am grasping towards something that cannot be grasps. I am trying to catch a glimpse of the shadow cast by the unseen.

This is an edited and updated transcript for my YouTube video of the same name. The differences are minor so one can either listen or read.

It is a continuation and improvement on a line of thought contained in much of my work but in particular: The Third Layer of Programming and Bound to the World. (Edited & updated transcripts found here & here.)

Mystical explanations.– Mystical explanations are considered deep. The truth is that they are not even superficial.

Nietzsche’s The Gay Science, s.126, Walter Kaufmann transl

There is no objective truth, but neither is there is subjective truth.  What one means by truth is simply models based on individual phenomenal perspectives. Some are tethered to reality and one calls them objective truth. Some are divorced from reality and those that hold them praise subjective truth.

Or to put it another way, truth & lies operate in the realm of stories. In the construct man finds himself in, truth & lies are the product of the subject & the object – and in the objective sense – their truthfulness depends on whether they are tethered to reality.

Reality is not an illusion, but our ideas about it often are. The reality of experience that man finds himself in is real, but it is transitory; it is limited; and it is not the deepest expression of reality. The reality of experience that man finds himself in carries the illusion of illusion, and the illusion of the deepest reality. But it is not an illusion.

All of this is not to say that an equation will ever be the same thing as the taste of a strawberry.

NB: I have borrowed the term “Contrarium” from Michael Tsarion, who I believe adapted it from William Blake. 

Phenomenal reality is a unified contrarium This is just the way it is. Man’s refusal to accept reality as he finds it, is the source of his mystical delusions. These are based on his fool’s errand to find the pot of objective gold at the end of the phenomenal rainbow. As he strives for the impossible, he cleaves reality in half and forgets himself.

Some react against this and from this flows the delusions of the Mandela Affected.

Some try to leap over this, and via the mechanism of solution- reaction- problem, fall to the illusions of synchromysticism.

ASIDE: In this piece my criticisms of synchromysticsm are polemical. I have a great deal of respect for many of its practitioners and have learnt a lot from their insights. What I am offering here is a caution. I understand what it is that they are grasping for, but synchromysticism in a misstep along the way. In part 3 of this series, I hope to offer an adjustment to the synchromystic ideas.

Does this mean that we cannot say that some things are true and some things are false? Does this mean that I do not use the terms true and false or even the term ‘objectively true.’

No it does not mean this.

An example, we have a man who is biologically male, organically male, in musculoskeletal structure, who can be modelled as such biochemically and genetically. Can this man say he is a woman and say that this is their perspective their truth and it is as true as any other? That by wearing a dress or by mutilating his body he can become a woman? No, it does not mean this.

Does this mean that a man with malfunctioning senses and unreliable memories, a man that is hallucinating, or a man who has been programmed with fantastical ideas, can say that his perspective is necessarily as true as any other? No, it does not mean this.

Often Man’s ideas about reality are delusional and are divorced from reality. This is one use of the terms ‘truth and lies.’  

Often we use the same words, with the same overarching meanings but in different epistemological contexts, unaware that we do so.

A second level of the terms truth and lies I covered in my video: The Truth & Lie System in the Light of Nietzsche. ” The edited and elaborated transcript can be found here.

To quote Nietzsche:

“What then is truth: A mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, and anthropomorphisms.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

NB: All Nietzsche quotes in this article are taken from “On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense,” by Frederich Nietzsche.”

Here we have the terms ‘truth and lies,’ applied to useful and harmful models. Moreover, the collectivist and consensus-based nature of truth and lies that exists within the herd. In this description, truth and lies act memetically. This is the nature of truth and lies within the herd. And in this construct, this expression of ‘truth & lies’ seems to be divorced from reality.

Hoaxery, in this regard, is when man conflates different understandings of truth with each other. And more so, it is a mystical hoax. It is a conflation of truth with knowledge and reality. It is a refusal to accept basic facts about reality. A sign of this refusal is when we ascribe problems to reality, such as the problem of induction.

“In some remote corner of the universe, poured out and glittering in innumerable solar systems, there once was a star on which clever animals invented knowledge. That was the highest and most mendacious minute of “world history”—yet only a minute. After nature had drawn a few breaths the star grew cold, and the clever animals had to die.”

Friedrich Nietzsche,

A model of Tripartite reality.

I suggest to you that there is one reality, which I model in three parts or perhaps even realms. I do not say that there are three separate realms or three separate worlds, but sometimes I describe each as a world. Hence my model is tripartite. The same singular reality understood in three ways.  

The first is the noumenal realm or reality as it is in itself, without experience, unmediated by the senses or thought, and without perspective. This is outside the bounds of knowledge. It is the wordless.

Man cannot step outside of himself, nor outside of this realm and observe it as it is in itself. It may not even exist. If you say that it exists, then the phenomenal realm does not exist. If you say the phenomenal realm exists, then the noumenal realm does not exist. Even the word existence is inappropriate. Some would label it the terrain. If by this they mean the terrain as it is in itself, then I then I can accept this label.

To apply words is to err, but what else can one do. Silence would be best, but if I must call it something, I steal from the rich to bestow upon the poor.

I could call it a dreamless sleep. But once again it is words on the wordless. 

Secondly there is the phenomenal part. The singular reality in perspective, mediated by thought and by the senses. This part of reality is what I usually refer to as reality.  It is singular and it is manifold. Despite perspective, it is tethered to the one reality. The mediation of the senses and thought, may create sane or insane experiences and ideas about reality. 

Stealing from the model of the first realm, and using the methods of the third, I call it a dream-like sleep. Here the contrarium arises. The dream is both subjective and objective, collective and individual, lucid and passive.  From this flow the contraries of this world and the truth and lie system. This level is the phenomenological terrain of the empirical realm. 

Here lies one level of truth and lies. What most would describe as objective truth. Whether our ideas about reality have a tether to reality. Truth could be modelled as a lucid dream, whilst lies could be modelled as a passive dream.

I delineate a third part of reality. Reality murdered to dissect. It is the realm of maps and models. It is the realm of our ideas about reality.  I would call it the realm of simulation, but you will misunderstand me. The illusion of simulation theory and all gnostic thinking is the mystification of simulation. 

I don’t thing it is wrong, or a lie, to describe this construct man finds himself in as a simulation. I think it would be better to say that one models it as a simulation. But either way, as long as one remembers that one is talking about one level of reality through a more superficial level. One is doing something practical, and not describing deeper truths about reality.

Or in other words, to navigate the second realm, man uses the third realm and creates the concept of what people call objective truth. As described previously, this is when our ideas about reality are somewhat tethered to reality. If these ‘objective truths’ seem profitable, man projects the third realm through the second, and onto the first.

This is the method by which mysticism creates religion. This can be individual or collective. It includes the noun of Science.

In my arrogance I feel like I have corrected Schopenhauer’s world as will and representation. (Update- that arrogance was fleeting!)

Reality could be said to be magical if it is understood as the flow of Will. I have described my use of Will in my video “Words are the map, Will is the terrain.” Schopenhauer described it as something like the noumenon wearing its lightest veil. I suppose that the observation that the phenomenal world seems to be governed by objective laws indicates that there is some kind of consistency to the Will.

Why do heavy things fall? Magic. 

But this answer is not a useful map for navigation.  So we come up with models and theories, laws and fields, unseen particles and shadowy forces, and of course equations. If someone says that forces are magical, then in one sense of the word this is true.  But the utterer of such things tends to conflate the map with the terrain and words with the wordless, and all becomes a mess.

Hammers are a useful tool for hammering nails, but this realm is not a hammer.

I hesitate to say that the non-existent is the source of the existing. That it is the fount of the subject and object, and the phenomenal realm, in which to navigate we create words, maps and models. Once again I have hurled words at the wordless. Because of Man’s love of stories, he idolises the third realm and this flows back to his ideas about the second and first. 

To acknowledge in words that the map is not the terrain, is different from not actually conflating the map with the terrain.

This the source of mystical delusions which leads to our errors regarding both scientific and magical thinking.

There is a parasite that came forth from such delusions in the third part of reality. Partly it is the conflation of the map and the terrain. Partly it is the idea that knowledge exists in the collective.

The ubiquitous we know.

Partly it is that idea that the burden of proof does not lie with the one making the claim.  The parts are manifold and I hope to explore these in the future.

For now, I suggest that the multi-faceted but yet singular parasite, came from the delusions in the memetic realm and manifests itself in the second part of reality, the realm of phenomena. This not the supposed demons and archons of Gnosticism and religion, beings that came from higher realms. The parasite manifests as the world-stage and as described previously, it flows back through the layers of reality, dragging its followers into illusion. To give it being, people call it subjective truth. Some in reaction worship the necessity of objective truth. It is the source of materialistic science, literal religion, and Mandela and synchromystic affected illusions. 

The Truth and the Lie system is a product of the nature of experience, and the relationship of the map with the terrain. It is simply part of the way reality is, which in turn creates the need for models. There is no problem here.

Part of the contrarium is the tension between the individual and the herd. In the words of Nietzsche: The need and boredom of  man leading to the desire to exist socially, herd-fashion. His need for a peace pact to banish at least the very crudest war of all against all from his world.

In my opinion, it is the fear and boredom of mankind which has been weaponized. This is the source of what some call subjective truth which has no need for reality. I repeat, not just the fear of man but also his boredom. I would add that it is also his love that has been weaponized.

This may be natural, but I suspect that it has been magnified by deliberate trauma. I suspect there are many who believe that they have escaped the mechanism of fear by their insights into hoaxery, but they may still bound to it by boredom. Personally, I feel that my inability to deal sanely with boredom is the source of many of my own problems.

Even if one escapes both, one could still carry the mystical illusions in one’s mind.

The red pill of truth is as much the product of the System as is the blue pill of falsehood, and our ideas about them are perhaps one more illusion. The same goes for the white & black pills.

The illusion of the possession of a mystical truth as a substitution for phenomenal reality. 

The illusion of the quest for objective truth, and the delusion of the reality of subjective truth.

The endless illusory pursuit of a phenomenal world beyond this world; a platonic realm of ideas that confers Truth onto the fantasies of man. A mystification of the model and a mystification of the the only realm of experience.

But in the beginning, nothing really matters. If you want, you can take the honk pill. Whatever gets you through the day. It will not destroy the red pill nor the blue pill, nor the Truth & Lie System, for they are part of reality and that is just the way it is. Even the title of this video springs forth from the contrarium.

The honk pill will not free you from the contrarium. It may fill you with fascination and amusement with the riddle of contrarium. It might make you see in a positive light those that weaponise the contrarium. It might make you see more keenly the trauma that they have bestowed upon mankind.

It might help the observer to see his illusionary ideas about the nature of ‘truth and lies,’ and ‘knowledge and wisdom.’

It might help him to sink deeper into illusion.

It may help him to find peace with reality as he finds it.

But all of this was written with words and models and ideas. Take from that what you will.

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