Alfred the Great Hoax

The following is the second long-form article that I published. It was a ‘Member Creation’ on Originally published 2 May 2019.

It was a follow up to “The Magna Carta Hoax,” but can be read independently. If you only read one, read this one.

In writing the article I followed JLB’s “Primary Source Research Methodology.” I believe it is still free to the public. I would encourage anyone reading this article to read the methodology first.

This is the beauty of the primary source research methodology: it allows the independent thinker / researcher to cut through the crap and find out if there is any real evidence to support a story of history.

And [daibp (me)] cuts through the crap with aplomb.

John le Bon

The results of this investigation were startling.

At the end I engage in some wild speculation about how to interpret the findings of the intrepid history hoax researchers. This is just one possible framework. Do not conflate the map with terrain.

Bear in mind that it is a slow builder, but I have been told that the effort is worth the pay off.

For those interested in more history hoax investigations, the two finest researchers are:

And so, here you go: Alfred the Great Hoax.

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