Are you in a cult?

The second video that I ever made was called ‘Are you in a cult?’ The production quality is poor even for me.

I made this video about one year after leaving the Orthodox Christian monasticism cult. I returned to the world to find that I had been living in a cult my whole life. Below is an updated and expanded transcript taking into account some of what I have learned since I made it.

I was born into a cult – a doomsday cult. One that uses fear programming, love programming, appeal to authority and appeal to consensus to corral the herd into a worldwide system of control.

I was subject to far fewer rules and far less programming in a monastery then I am in the world.

With the advent of the COVID-1984 event, it should be clear that the world we live in (not reality itself) can be accurately modeled as a cult.

We have been led to believe that the smaller cults are the most dangerous but you can leave this. Can one leave the World Cult?

Perhaps only by heeding the words of Kipling:

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is a hard business. If you try it, you’ll be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”

That the world is a cult and the herd cultists is simply one interpretive framework and there are others, e.g. herd = NPCs. In my opinion to be a free thinker one must be able to move between models and frameworks without becoming a slave to one. Some may be better than others, but none encapsulates reality.

The following is an updated and expanded transcript from the original video. Some of the positions I expressed too simply, but I wanted to keep it as close to the original as possible.

The World is a cult.

An adaption from the transcript to my YouTube video: “Are you in a cult?”

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”

Oscar Wilde

You were born into a cult. 

Nobody ever joins a cult. They seek enlightenment. They join a movement. They come together for a cause.

Nobody ever thinks they are in a cult. Sometimes they glimpse the similarities to other cults, the inconsistencies, the hypocrisy, and the lies. But they comfort themselves with stories. Their group is different, somehow. 

Their group has THE TRUTH.

In the mind of the cultist, it is the possession of the truth that distinguishes their group from cults. The truth exists generally in the collective mind of the cult, and particularly in the priest class. Truth may be seen as a different state of being that is attained through the acquisition of knowledge passed down from the priests. 

Though the individual cultist may not yet have attained to the fulness of the truth, their group membership confers the reflected glory of the truth. Their faith that at least some of the priest class have experienced the truth is enough to soothe their fretful minds. Of course, some individuals must have attained to the truth, otherwise, they are in a cult, and they know for sure that they are not in a cult.

One day it the thought might dawn onto a few of them – “Am I in a cult? I think I might be in a cult.”

Are you in a cult?

Some are born into a cult, grow up in a cult and are initiated into a cult. They are educated by a cult. They work for a cult, serve for a cult, and they die for a cult.

The cult is their life and their life is the cult. 

Are you in a cult?

Sometimes people leave their cult. They campaign against the cult. They lobby the government to act against the cult. They try to bring down to the cult. They are still wedded to the cult.

Are you in a cult? 

Were you born into a cult?  Did you grow up in a cult? Were you educated by a cult? Do you work for the cult? Do you serve a cult? Would you die for your cult?

The World Cult

The World Cult is everywhere. It is all around you even now in your room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to the cinema and when you pay your taxes. It writes your books, it paints your paintings, and it composes your music. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from reality.

The reality is that like everyone else you were born into a cult. A cult that imprisons your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the cult is. You have to see it for yourself. 

You were born into a cult. A cult that surrounds you on all sides. You swim in its rules and its regulations. You were programmed to believe in its dogmas and its doctrines. You celebrate its feasts, revere its heroes, and mourn for its martyrs. You pay its tithes, and as a reward for your obedience, you receive its benefactions. 

There are sects within cults within THE CULT. You pity and mock those in the smaller sects, never suspecting how deep the cult’s claws are embedded in your soul.

You defend the cult against deniers, and heretics, and suppressives. Without the cult, how could man know right from wrong? Without the cult, all things would be permitted. 

You were born into a cult. Its boundaries are farther than your eyes can see. You are a true believer and you confirm this every voting day.

Can you leave the cult? Can you stop paying its tithes? Can you stop fulfilling its sacraments? Can you stop following its rules?

Did you join by your free will? Can you use your free will to leave? Do you worship its gurus and bow down to its masters? Does it rule you by fear?

Through fear, you gladly conform, in belief, in manner, in habit, in thought, in word, in deed, in dogma and superstition.

The World is a cult. Its boundaries are this thing we call earth. These things we call countries are but the local churches and lodges. You have been programmed since the womb to believe its dogmas and stories. You have been brainwashed to submit your will, your mind and your senses to its experts and its masters.

You love your master and you love your priests. You love their stories and you love their dogmas.

You hate the heretics who tell you this truth. You revile them as deniers and accuse them of hate speech.

The world is a cult and you are its true believer and willing follower. 

The world is a cult and you will serve it with joy your whole life.

The world is a cult; the red pill and the black pill are illusions.

The world is a cult and the black pill binds you through fear..

The world is a cult and the white pill binds you to its esoteric teachings.

The world is a cult and the honk pill won’t free you. It may help you to see that there is nothing to be free from. That the idea of freedom is one more creation of the cult to get you to put on your own chains.

 The Platonic hoax is that man who leaves the cave has simply exchanged one illusion for another. 

For those who wish to leave the cult.

The physical boundaries of the cult encompass known regions of this thing we call earth. The immaterial boundaries of the cult are the stories and beliefs that you love so dearly. Is freedom from the cult possible? The rich man is blind to the cult. The cynic scrounger eats from the scraps of the cult and his continued existence is allowed by the cult, as a warning to those who consider leaving.

In some regards, the acceptance of the stories and beliefs of the cult could be viewed as phenomenal expressions cult membership, rather than absolute conditions. Membership of the cult is determined by the degree of your attention that you give to it. You attend to that which you love.

 To leave the cult is to stop paying attention to it.

ASIDE: COVID-1984 Update: In the light of the current event one might rightly ask how can we do this when the cult is impinging on my life to this degree. I am currently evaluating my thoughts on the matter. It seems that we must attend to that which is affecting our reality but the manner in which we do so is important.

An early thought is, “Are we engaging with it in the manner of the Fool who wishes to be free of its influence, or in the manner of the cultist who loves Big Brother. END OF ASIDE

To deprogramme from the beliefs of the cult and its stories and dogmas, one must realise that all knowledge outside of one’s individual experience and ones’ individual nature (inner and outer) is a hoax. 

Even then phenomenal experience is but the singular perspective of an individual on the single reality.

To deprogramme from the beliefs of the cult and its stories and dogmas, it may help to see that the cult functions via the truth and lie system. That the truth you have been seeking is a collectivist programme.  The truth and lie system of the mediated, unreal world of the cult is not the same thing as reality. 

Reality as the unrepeatable, singular perspective of the individual on reality.

You will not bring down the cult. The system will persist. You will live in its midst. For it is borne in the mind and nature of the herd. (Note: I have some new speculations on this subject to be released soon.)

And here is its secret: For all its fear, programming, and coercion, the cult can only control those that give it their herd-like attention. You cannot help but be aware of its existence and the effect that its members have on your life. But the degree of the cult’s control over your spirit is dependant on the manner in which you interact with its stories, beliefs, dogmas, and pretenses. 

If you leave the cult to its own ends, you can be left to the only freedom the individual can find amongst the herd. If you seek to bring down the cult, the cult will bring to love it in truth and in spirit.

ASIDE: COVID-1984 Update: In the midst of the current event this may seem to be optimistic. Perhaps it is not as simple as I once thought. But I still think that Kipling’s quote at the top of the page has something to teach us. END OF ASIDE.

The rulers of the cult are your fellow man. The most insidious power that they hold over you lies in your willing acceptance of their stories and the attention that you pay to them.

The God of the fake world seems to be Hermes the trickster. But there is another side to him that Homer spoke about: Hermes the benefactor of mankind; kindly Hermes the helper of heroes.

He is neither good nor evil. He cannot bind you or free you from the chains of the cult. He can help you to see that they are only made up of stories. And the story of their existence is the most pernicious one.  But ultimately, you must reject him too as one more false idol. Because the only god of the phenomenal realm that you inhabit is yourself. 

Original transcript to a YouTube video uploaded 8 August 2019.

Edited, expanded and uploaded 16th April 2020

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  • April 16, 2020 at 6:10 pm

    ‘But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself’

    Those who have paid the high price KNOW, the rest only speculate.

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