COVID-1984 in the Truth & Lie System.


This is the full article. An overview was posted to YouTube.

Before reading this article you should be acquainted with my ideas on the Truth & Lie System.

NB. The video is slightly older but still acts as a good introduction. The article is slightly modified and updated but the essentials are the same.

All Nietzsche quotes are from: On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense


Soon I hope to have uploaded more of my older articles. In “Against Truth, or For Reality (Part One),” I describe a tripartite model of reality. Now bear in mind that this is just an interpretive framework, or rather, a navigational map. In this model I describe the singular reality in three worlds/realms:

  • The Noumenal realm:
    • reality as it is in itself, without experience, unmediated by the senses or thought, and without perspective.
    • This is outside the bounds of knowledge.
  • The Phenomenal realm:
    • The singular reality in perspective, mediated by thought and by the senses.
    • This part of reality is what I usually refer to as reality. 
    • It is singular and it is manifold.
  • The realm of Map & models
    • Man uses this realm to help him navigate the second realm.

In the article, I offered a fuller explanation and many caveats. In the meantime, a monologue is available here. I made some mistakes in this video which I will be correcting in the future article.

There is nothing harmful or bad about the third realm in itself. It is a tool. The negative effects of the Truth & Lie System come into being through the mechanisms of the Herd and the Map/Terrain conflation.

NB: I describe the Map/Terrain conflation as the Realology Pathology. Articles on this will be available soon. For now, my initial ideas can be found in the following video monologues. (Same caveats apply.)

COVID-1984 Quarantine Measures.

The world is on lockdown. Currently, there are varying degrees in various places. Those who can honestly observe reality, and honestly admit what they see, and use reasonable inferences, can see a pattern and destination emerging.

Some of the standard ‘quarantine’ measures applied to the herd are:

  • House arrest: STAY HOME and SAVE LIVES. Some outdoor activity is allowed. 30 minutes – 2hours depending on locality. This is getting stricter and stricter.
    • Nothing to do but sit around and watch the telescreen all day with the same few people, if anyone.
  • Social distancing: Currently 2m/6 feet. Though it seems that this may get stricter.
  • Constant media propaganda to ensure the herd’s compliance.
  • Constant exposure to propaganda from authority figures.
  • The shutdown of the economy. Limiting work, money and ultimately food.
  • Police State/Martial law. Harassing people who have done nothing wrong. Fear Propaganda in action.

Those who are awake to the vast hoax of the COVID-19 biological pandemic, but also awake to the reality of the COVID-1984 mind pandemic, may be asking themselves: Why these particular measures?

There are many frameworks in which we could interpret them and the framework I am offering does not negate them per se e.g. Social distancing may help facial recognition software.

I am offering a different perspective which is part of the overall picture.

COVID-1984 in the Truth & Lie System.

Quote #1:

In some remote corner of the universe, poured out and glittering in innumerable solar systems, there once was a star on which clever animals invented knowledge. That was the highest and most mendacious minute of “world history”—yet only a minute. After nature had drawn a few breaths the star grew cold, and the clever animals had to die.

Friedrich Nietzsche
  • The clever animals invented knowledge.
  • This was the most mendacious minute of world history.
  • The stars grew cold, and the clever animals had to die.

Most of what the herd refers to as knowledge is nothing of the sort. Knowledge only exists in the phenomenal realm. More of this is covered in the Realology Pathology (link above), but this excerpt from a quote there is illuminating:

Let us remember that our knowledge of the world begins not with matter but with perceptions. I know for sure that my pain exists, my “green” exists, and my “sweet” exists. I do not need any proof of their existence, because these events are a part of me; everything else is a theory.

Prof Andrei Linde.

The sane man lives in reality, that is in his perspectival fraction of the singular reality. He understands that this is a part of the whole, and he understands what this means for his knowledge. But this is what he knows.

Some do not like this, but this is not reality’s fault, nor knowledge’s fault, it is their inability to accept the reality of knowledge.

For the herd, knowledge lies in the maps and models that are inferred from the terrain. They are unaware that this is what they are doing. Classic examples are materialism and theism.

The herd exists mainly in the third realm. This realm is harmless on its own. However, the herd exists in a fantasy realm that has no tether to reality. It constantly downloads its scripts from the media and then runs them as its new programming.

I had an encounter with the rozzers the other day. PC Plod was trying to tell me that he knows that there is a coronavirus pandemic. He wanted me to admit that I understood why he was doing what he was doing.

I interrupted him and told this that this was untrue – I would have called him a liar but you have to be a little bit careful in a police state. I told him that he does not know anything of the sort. Someone has told him something and he is simply parroting it at me.

Plod started to stutter and bluster. I had disrupted his programming. All of a sudden his programming reset itself and he sent me on my way. I doubt he has any clue about what just happened to him.

This same story is being played out across the herd. All it takes is for a man in a white coat, or a man with the letters MP after his name, to tell them a story, and for them, this becomes true knowledge. Not that they are aware of it.

And according to Nietzsche, nature does not stand for such mendacity, and after a few breaths the stars will go cold, and the clever creatures must die.

Quote #2

But because man, out of need and boredom, wants to exist socially, herd-fashion, he requires a peace pact and he endeavors to banish at least the very crudest war of all against all from his world. 

Freidrich Nietzsche

I have previously elaborated on this quote: “The nature of this realm created the need for simulation. Fear, need and boredom create the need for the herd and thus the truth system. And the truth system naturally entails the lie system.”

Fear, need and boredom as engines for the herd from which springs the Truth & Lie System. Perhaps then the weaponization of the Truth & Lie System, such as in the COVID-1984 psy-op, can flow through the herd mechanisms to increase fear, need and boredom. These then flow back to further entrench the herd.

Now I am no expert on algorithms, but I have understood them since school in the way described here:

An algorithm, for the non-programmers among us, is a set of instructions that take an input, A, and provide an output, B, that changes the data involved in some way.

I was then taught that the output, B, is fed back into the algorithm as input, C. This is repeated again and again until the desired result is gradually honed in on. The range of outputs narrows towards a point.

As an interpretive framework, I suggest that in the series of hoaxes that man has been subjected to, an algorithm is at work. One that hones down the range of possible actions of the herd; one that trains their NPC programming to a tighter and tighter range of actions.

Perhaps a hoax-programming algorithm.

Input A: Fear, need, and boredom > Process: The Herd mechanics > Output B: Pathologizing of the Truth & Lie System.

Output B is taken and fed back into the algorithm. The algorithm is not just left to run on its own. TPWRTS uses hoax events e.g WWII, 9/11, COVID1984, etc. and hoax knowledge e.g. Nuclear bombs, evolution, etc. to affect the function of the algorithm at all levels.

Or perhaps the algorithm itself is learning, it has what some call, artificial intelligence.

COVID-1984 & The Hoax Paradox

To repeat some measures. Readers may be able to come up with some that I have missed which fit into the framework. I welcome your collaboration in the comments below.

  • House arrest: STAY HOME and SAVE LIVES
    • Some outdoor activity is allowed. 30 minutes – 2hours depending on locality. This is getting stricter and stricter.
    • Nothing to do but sit around and watch the telescreen all day.
  • Social distancing
    • Currently 2m/6 feet. Though it seems that this may get stricter.
  • Constant media propaganda to ensure the herd’s compliance.
  • Constant exposure to propaganda from authority figures.
  • The shutdown of the economy. Limiting work, money and ultimately food & shelter.
  • Police State/Martial law. Harassing people who have done nothing wrong.
    • Fear Propaganda in action.

I suggest to you that the official COVID-1984 measures, represent on one level, the exact mechanisms that Nietzsche described as leading to the formation of the herd.

This is the first part of our hoax algorithm.

Fear, need (food, shelter, health, and the means to acquire them) and boredom.

The propaganda on offer is designed to further reinforce the herd. You may think that social distancing reduces the herd, but the herd is made up of isolated atoms that believe they are fighting for the common good. It is their cult-like mindset that binds them.

Atomised NPCs, in fear, need and boredom, downloading cult affirming scripts all day from the telescreen.

The hoaxes and lies that are being propagated by the government and its other half, the media, work to weaponize the Truth and lie System, which feeds the output back as a new input.

This is an interpretive framework. It is one that can be applied not just to the current hoax but to all the hoaxes, independently and as a web of mind control.

The algorithm could be understood linearly and applied chronologically through the hoaxes. Or it could be understood and applied as a web of hoaxes that are all interacting with each other at once. As time goes by, new hoaxes are added to the algorithmic web.

As each new hoax occurs, or new hoax stories released, the algorithmic web grows more complex and the range of NPC behaviour tightens.


Those wise to the NPC model may ask, if the herd is just a mass of NPCs why then write this article and why the need for TWRTS to put in place such a system? Do the NPCs not simply follow their programming.

Perhaps, but perhaps the NPCs have a range of possible behaviours and the hoax algorithmic programming has been honing this down over time. Is this something that we can observe from the world and through our memories?

Secondly, the NPC meme is a model that is very good at describing these creatures that we interact with in the world. Has the hoax algorithm worked to make the NPC model a better model over time? Has its tether to reality become tighter.

Some see the future in this way: an end to the current pandemic, but the result of the algorithm being a global techno-communist state with UBI, etc. Well, this outcome is the result of the new hoax being added to the current algorithmic web.

Others see a different end to the current event, more in line with the very first quote from Nietzsche.

Thirdly, I have talked about my magical ratchet elsewhere, in particular in this video: Coronavirus: The Great Opportunity. As the magical ratchet works both ways, perhaps the Player Characters can engineer the algorithm to work the other way. These are just two different ways of understanding the same reality.

If blind acceptance of hoaxes takes you one way, then perhaps those with eyes to see can work it the other way.

And those who will not take the opportunity must return to the herd, and the algorithm may be that which drags you back in.

And please remember this is just an interpretive framework, it is not the terrain, as is the magical ratchet, NPC meme and other models that I use.

Pick them up and put them down as you see fit.

Originally written & published 13th April 2020.

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