This is a the website of Thrice8Hermes.

I have thought on and off about running a subscription website. I tried for a couple of month but I stopped. I had not fully thought through what I was offering.

This is what I am offering. How I see things. This will be offered in written, spoken and visual formats. I am offering nothing else then how I see things, and what I think about these observations.

If some find something in this that they are happy to pay for, then welcome. If you don’t, then you don’t.

I also intend to publish member’s pieces if folks wish to offer them.

I suppose what I am offering in my work could be called sceptical-realism. Trying to observe the reality of the situation that man finds himself in, and furthering one’s understanding through frameworks and allegory. Scepticism as a defense mechanism from forming erroneous frameworks.

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