This is a the website of Thrice8Hermes. You enter at your own risk.

Thrice8Hermes was born into a doomsday cult and so were you.

The world is a cult. I am not talking about reality. To be free from the cult is to return to reality.

The cult operates through many levels of programming. But every level of programming is also a new opportunity.

We live in a religious age. All that you call religions are shades of the ruling cult ideology. The same old face behind a new mask.

For some the the programming of the cult will be turned into the great opportunity. Others who set out on this path may end up more lost than the normies.

I am not your guide, nor your guru nor your teacher. If this is what you seek then you are in the wrong place.

Reality is reality and I cannot offer you something that is always in your grasp.

I am simply recording my own maps and models that I use to help me navigate reality.

I am but a Man who found himself in sinking sand, crying out to you: “Do not go over there.”

If any find any profit from my maps and models, then please do not be a passive consumer. If you approach them critically and compare them with your own observations, then anything you gain will be altered by your own individuality, and you will have something of your own.

And so, If you still wish to continue.


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