First Blog Post: A new opportunity.

Well here I go.

It may seem like a strange time to be starting a subscription website. But I have said elsewhere that the Coronavirus is the Great Opportunity.

A magical ratchet is in operation. For the herd the bolt is tightened one way. For the few who are able to resist the fear programming, the bolt is tightened another.

If one will not take the opportunity, then one must return to the herd.

As of today, I am opening membership levels. I thought I had them all blocked but I had made a mistake and someone has already joined unexpectedly. I have taken this to be a sign.

So thank you taburasa, you have pushed me a little further down the line.

Please remember that I am just starting out. Those who join now will see my mistakes and hopefully successes. At first, I will be releasing old content. However, this will be reworked in light of new insights.

In light of all this, the initial membership fee is discounted to £2. From 30th June all subscriptions will be charged at £10 including existing ones.

Please let me know where there are problems on the website and where I have made errors. But be kind!

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