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From now on my YouTube channel will be for shorter overviews. The meatier content will only be on the website.

Currently, I am still working long hours on a farm and so I have decided to just have a £2 entry fee and then no charges afterward. It is difficult for me to produce enough work to justify charging ongoing fees. If my situation changes and I lose my job I may have to introduce a payment access level.

If this does happen this will be because I will have the time to produce more content.

The £2 entry tier is simply to have a nominal barrier of entry.

And on joining the following terms of service apply:

  1. Please be civil. (I include the posting of pornography as uncivil behaviour.)
  2. Remember that what is posted on the website is opinions, beliefs, maps, stories, and models. It is not the 'TRUTH.' You are still responsible for your own beliefs and your own actions.
  3. No one here is your guru. Do not take the models found here as advice on how to live your own life.

If one is not able to follow these terms membership will be terminated and access to the website will be ended immediately.  That month's membership will be refunded if there has been one.

The price for membership is £2.00 now.

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