Ramble #3.5: Till the Nameless Come

I recorded this a few hours after Ramble #3. It is not that the Ramble #3 was ‘negative’ but I left out the other half that in this life we call ‘positive.’ And I felt that it was important to address this.

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One thought on “Ramble #3.5: Till the Nameless Come

  • February 18, 2021 at 1:50 am

    You have hit the nail squarely on the head with this one. In my first Spirits 2 video I described a scenario. The word spirituality has been defined I think if I remember correctly 24 times there or there about, all are different definitions all are not agreed upon. There is a reason for this they are all wrong. You are scraping so close to grasping the true definition it is not funny, I feel it flickering gently on the tip of your tongue unspoken because the thought form has yet to be congealed. Maybe the correct language, the words for defining the description were removed or never inserted into the material realm to begin with.

    But and it is a but I think the ones that shape this place, that bend it to their will have a name for it, the top tier Masons as well. I always use the word spirit far to liberally and as I always state spirit is electric that intangible power source that no engineer, science preacher or philosopher can put an understanding to. It just is and was. There is possibly another word that may best describe that thing that you grasp, it is the “light” not the synthetically processed or the suns rays in the morning. But the dimmed light of humanity that dwells in us all.

    Keep it up my friend you will get there I think to that definition and who knows maybe you will kick off an adverse reaction to the sickness that blights this place.


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