Recurring Monthly Payments

I would like to keep the vast majority of my work free.

I am also reducing my work hours so I can produce more content.

If you feel that you get some regular value from my work -from the website or YouTube – then this is an optional way for you to pay me a recurring fee. There is a bonus for those that do.

There are two options – £5 or £10 per month

If at any point you feel that you no longer get this much value from my work, then there is no need for you to pay me anything. No hard feelings. I understand that nothing is permanent. Feel free to carry on enjoying my work casually without payment. I mean this.

If you cannot afford this, please do not feel guilty in any way and continue to enjoy my work without a second thought. I mean this.

My aims are threefold:

  1. Keep as much content free for those with a casual interest in my work.
  2. Provide a way for those who find my work worthwhile (enough!) to pay me.
  3. Offer a bonus for those that do.

I am not asking for donations. Nor am I offering a membership scheme:

  1. I am simply offering a way for folks who wish to pay for my work to do so.
  2. And I am offering a bonus for those who have paid the optional fee.

To recognize those that make the optional monthly payment I will offer the following bonus:

£5 or 10/month payment will enable the following bonuses: 

  1. Access to the thrice8hermes community.
    1. Access to my discord server (or similar if the need arises)
    2. The ability to comment on the website.
    3. Access to bonus content – audio rambles and ad hoc podcasts.
  2. They may submit their own creations – audio or written – which I will post at my discretion.  Community creations may be community-only or public as you wish and at my discretion. If this became very popular, I may have to ration how many I can put up if my available time limits it.
  3. If I have a particularly controversial or sensitive piece, I may release it to recurring fee payers only.


  • These bonuses are for one month after the last payment.
  • There is no difference in the bonuses offered. £5 or £10 is up to those that wish to pay.
  • I reserve the right to give anyone the boot if they are a pain in the backside and I will refund the last month’s payment.

I will also leave the PayPal donation button on the website (but not a donation) for optional one-off payments for whatever one wants. But only the monthly recurring sign-up comes with the bonuses described.