Till the Fearless Come.

I have read through this article since publishing and it is still not as I would like it. It is rough around the edges and as someone has pointed out to me, it is missing something. I will be coming back to it tomorrow (Sunday) to rework some aspects.

Thank you to TNG for pointing me in the direction of “Killing Joke – Love Like Blood.” and for engaging me in profitable conversations that have helped me in forming this article.

Love Like Blood by Killing Joke

Released January 1985 i.e. It immediately follows 1984. 

We have been living in an allegorical 1984. This is supposed to lead to the Brave New World.

Wheel of Fortune – Rider Waite

This will keep happening till the fearless come, and the act is done.

Thoughts on the Non-Player Character (‘NPC’) model

We must play our lives like soldiers in the field
The life is short, I’m running faster all the time
Strength and beauty destined to decay
So cut the rose in full bloom

Love like Blood

After the lockdown first happened, I was full of anger for the normies. I was walking down a country lane and a lady turned her back on me and faced a wall. I thought to myself. if the normies are going to turn their back on me, then I am going to turn my back on them. My anger was not wrong, but misdirected. Or better, my anger was the malfunction of what should be grit, courage, and determination.

My anger was in my head, it should be in my guts.

 I have been very hesitant in accepting the NPC model. As the lockdown started, I accepted it in a strong binary form. If anyone could not see what I can see then they are an NPC and there is no hope for them. I’m done with them all. As far as I am concerned they deserve what is coming to them.

As the event progressed, I have been trying to take the opportunity to observe reality and my interactions with the normies. I am trying to learn more deeply about how the world actually works and what are my fellow inhabitants of this realm. One thing I have learned is that there is no easy divisions.

Brief overview of the NPC model as commonly used.

John le Bon (‘JLB’)  has done the best work on the NPC model. He is very clear that his understanding of it does not come from the NPC meme, nor from the way that it is being presented to us in ‘scientific’ papers, but from his own experience.

“When I say that I am dealing with Non-Playable characters, it’s not based on the meme, it is based on my experience. When I ask these questions, why do people find it triggering and why do so many people respond like lemmings.”

In the same video, JLB references his work looking into scientific studies. These are the ones others use to back up their particular NPC model. He notes the problems with the official scientific procedures, e.g peer review, and some issues with methodology. He states that:

 For these reasons, which they openly admit…I am now very sceptical of the non-playable character meme, in so far as it is being promoted via use of the a so called scientific study, which has been written about in a so called scientific article, which has been promoted by people on places like reddit and 4chan and these kind of things. So it is for these reasons that I am very sceptical about the non-player character meme.”

“But it is important to understand that I use the word sceptical, not to mean that I am a disbeliever. To me, the word scepticism simply means that I am willing to challenge what I think I know, and I will go and look at the evidence and I will arrive at my own conclusions.”

JLB then goes on to say that as well as looking at the scientific studies we can look at our anecdotal experiences. In particular, he states the influence of observing the interactions that he has with people online and how they react to his content.

The following description of the NPC model is taken from the same video:

If we are dealing with humans who either cannot or will not think for themselves such a topic such as “How does air travel work”…How is that any different from dealing with Non-Player Characters? This isn’t to say that we are living in an artificial reality or a simulated reality. And it is not to say that the people who are like NPCs are quite literally NPCs.  No, it is to say that in terms of their behaviour, to me, I don’t see any difference between a person who can’t question their beliefs and a non-player character.

So if you are playing a video game, the non-player character has to play out what it is programmed to do. How is the average human today any different to that.”

For the sake of a term I am going to call this the ‘Weak NPC model.’

Thoughts on the Weak NPC Model

In describing the weak form, JLB has made an important map/terrain distinction:

 And it is not to say that the people who are like NPCs are quite literally NPCs.  No, it is to say that in terms of their behaviour, to me, I don’t see any difference between a person who can’t question their beliefs and a non-player character.

A second important point is that he says “How is the average human today any different today.”

From this, I assume that the observations that we are taking are from Man as he is today. Has he always been this way? Was it inevitable that they would always be like this? 

JLB’s work on the Epsilon agenda suggests to me that the answer is: No. In ‘Brave New World’ there are five castes. We could use this for a model for our realm and  suggest that these are five shades of NPC and then there are the PCs running the show. Or that the highest caste is the PCs. 

But why the hell do I give two figs for what Huxley is telling me? He can shove his models. Fine, perhaps this is their agenda, but so what. Rant over. I will return to this later.

In this discussion of the weak model,  I agree that the NPC model is a very powerful tool for navigating the interactions that one has with people in this realm. However, in my opinion, it is just one model and other models are possible. Some may be more useful in some situations and some may reveal things that the NPC model does not.

And like all models is it not reality. It can be picked up and put down at will depending on its usefulness. 

Two maps:

Elevation Map of Engalnd
Anti-depressant Map of England.

Two different maps for two different purposes. Neither is the terrain and both have their functions.

The NPC model is particularly useful when dealing with people in the areas of critical thought. But is this all that makes a man different from a robot? Does the ability to think logically differentiate the PC from the NPC. Computers seem to be able to behave quite logically. If so, I suggest some mistakes have been later which I will answer further down the article.

Or is the ability to change one’s beliefs. This might be said as the ability to perform magic on oneself.

 I say all of this about the map/terrain distinction because in a recent video, it seems to me, that JLB has moved his position to what one might call a stronger form of the NPC model (select transcript to follow):

Now two years ago I realised, holy shit the people around me are just like non-player characters, they cannot think, they will not think, they cannot go against the herd, holy shit. But back then I didn’t know just how bad it was, you see. So I worked out  how stupid people are but it wasn’t until the last few weeks that I came to realise  it,s even worse than I thought. Ok. But it’s funny looking back at this video a couple of years later. It was actually right on point. In fact, this video has never been more relevant then it is right now.”

In this presentation, JLB has linked to his original video which does make map/terrain distinctions as I have shown. However, he now says that back then he didn’t know just how bad it was. This could mean that it is worse in the proportion of the population who are NPCs. Or that far more people can be modeled as NPCs. But perhaps he may be viewing the NPC idea as the terrain and not just a model.

I have transcribed portions of the video. For the reader to make his own mind up he may wish to watch the whole video.

 “Now if your waiting for the people around you to realise that they have been fooled, that this flatten the curve thing was bullshit, that the supposed temporary nature of this is bullshit, if you are waiting for the people around you to realise that….If your waiting for your friends or your neighbours or your workmates or your family to notice that, I’ve got some bad news for you. I personally don’t think that it is bad news, but when I first learned it, it was bad news. 

And the news is this: Those people are non-player characters. They don’t possess any capacity for critical thought whatsoever. So whatever the herd is doing and whatever the tv programming tells that is what they are going to do, that is what they are going to believe….Most people don’t have memories or won’t use their memories. They are no different in form or function from Non-Playable Characters, they are programmable robots.

It seems to me, and I may be putting words in JLB’s mouth, that he has dropped the map/terrain distinction. Two years ago he realised that the people around him “are just like non-player characters.” Now those people “are non-player characters.” They are no different in form or function from Non-Playable Characters, they are programmable robots.”

That is how it reads to me. I also note that in his recent video JLB didn’t explicitly, or in my opinion, implicitly make the distinction. In my view, the current functioning of the herd can be modeled profitably as made up of NPCs. However, I question if their underlying form can be.

Perhaps JLB hasn’t dropped the map/terrain distinction, but I am going to suggest a strong form of the NPC model anyway. The strong form is where the map has been conflated with the terrain. 

In the strong form, there are two distinctly different types of being in this realm. This is the terrain. The NPCs cannot become PCs. They are literally retarded robots.

ASIDE – The strong model reminds me of Calvinism. A lot of the new religion reminds me of godless Calvinism. END OF ASIDE

False dichotomy

In both forms of the model, there is a dichotomy. In the weak form, if the map/terrain distinction is remembered i.e. the user remembers he just has a map that is currently useful for his purposes in navigating reality; then I would not classify it as a false dichotomy. Rather a practical dichotomy that does not exist on the level of the terrain. As long as the model can be picked up and put down at will.

In the strong form, the map/terrain distinction has been put aside. Thus the herd are no different in form or function from Non-Player Characters, they are programmable robots. Here, I suggest that a false dichotomy has been brought in on two levels. 

False dichotomy: ‘A false dichotomy or false dilemma occurs when an argument presents two options and ignores, either purposefully or out of ignorance, other alternatives.

In general, a false dichotomy gives the impression that the two opposite options are mutually exclusive (that is, only one of them may be the case, never both) and that at least one of them is true, that is, they represent all of the possible options.’


Two options have been given to us – Either someone is an NPC or a PC. NPCs cannot become PCs. There are only PCs who have not yet awoken. Perhaps if they have not awoken by now there is no hope. There does not appear to be a middle ground. (Looks like Calvinism again – all that is left is to try to prove to others that you are saved like them.)

I suggest that not only is there a middle ground between the NPC vs PC dichotomy, but that the distinction can much better be modelled as two poles of a continuum. 

To those near to the PC pole, others may indeed look like they are not on the same continuous line. In fact as one glances backwards all those behind may look like NPCs. But this may be an error of perspective. The degree of quantitative difference may appear to be a qualitative difference.

I certainly do not believe that all men are created equal. But this is not to say that they are created in two easily distinguishable classes. Perhaps the appearance of two classes of functionality is created by programming and conditioning. In an extreme environment, the small differences in form may manifest great differences in outcome.

Metaphorically speaking: Imagine two men are being chased by a tiger. There is a high ledge that one may use for safety. One man may be able to leap 4 feet clear, another 4 feet 2.  One man might be able to leap to the high ledge for safety. The other is mauled, maimed, and crippled. The safe man looks back at the one caught by the tiger. He looks at the pitiable creature and feels like he is a completely different type of being altogether. Especially if he is unaware of the small difference that was originally there, before the programming and conditioning.

Now, in a sense he is now quite different, but don’t take the metaphor too literally. 

So, I am not saying that all are created equal, but the binary aspect is not part of the form, which is continuous. It is part of the function, which has been broken into extremes by the agenda against mankind.

Scientific equations tend to digitize reality and the pathological realologists forget this. They think that the taste of a strawberry has something to do with an equation on a piece of paper. 

I suggest something similar is happening here.

Before rounding off this section I would just like to make a point about online behaviour and reality. A lot of people who feel themselves to be PCs find refuge on the internet. I am one of these. Engaging with people online is not the same as being in the same room as the Man. Also, we have no idea if we are interacting with real people or literal bots. 

When I meet people in reality, I get a different feeling than I do online. They may still not see what I see, but there is something there that one cannot pick up online. Some may call this projection, but it is not. I am not talking about projecting my inner-life onto them. It is something coming from them to me. 

Their lack of ability in logic does not affect it. If anyone does claim that I am projecting they are wrong. I suggest that this claim is the result of their own malfunctioning systems if they cannot pick up on it.

In reality, I do not see any black and white, player vs non-player character dichotomy in reality. It is a model that I pick up when needed. I can see in real-time all sorts of different people who have worked out different things. I see people developing. Perhaps not as far as me, but I see a continuum. For the usefulness of navigating reality, I deal with gradations. 

Some of these I have expressed in my thoughts on the four levels of programming. Again, in reality I think this is a continuum. I use a model of four layers but much finer models could be used. There could be levels within levels.

Now, are there people who are too far gone to be able to get back? This may well be the case. I suspect it is so. But even in these people, deep down, there is something different from a retarded robot. This is not a projection. If one can not feel what is there then this is part of you that is malfunctioning. The NPC model may be useful for dealing with them as they have become. But there is still something different. 

Tripartite Reality

Everyday through all frustration and despair
Love and hate fight with burning hearts
Till legends live and man is God again
And self-preservation rules the day no more

Love like Blood.

I have explained elsewhere how I use a tripartite scheme for reality. I hope to have it re-uploaded to the site shortly.

For those interested, my initial presentation can be found here:

Against Truth, or For Reality (Part One)
  1. The noumenal world before experience. There are no words for it. 
  2.  The experienced phenomenal realm. It springs forth from the first world as the terrain of our life. Words are applied to it as models. These Words come from:
  3. The world of Maps/Models/Symbols. This world is formed by the Mind and creates maps to navigate the second realm. 

Really there is one reality, and a new perspective on it springs forth as a new experiencer comes into being. 

The phenomenal realm is of such things as hardness and sweetness. It is the terrain of the reality that we inhabit. It is still not the deepest part of reality but it is where, at least for now, we are.

The world of maps and models has been weaponized by the Realology Pathology and the Truth & Lie system. The corruption can be likened to a parasite. It spreads throughout the third part of reality and through other experiencers. It spreads by programming, conditioning, and propaganda. As maps and models are used to navigate phenomenal reality, it corrupts our understanding of the terrain. Thus, the effects of the parasite flow horizontally and vertically.

Not all are created equally and some have escaped the clutches of the parasite for longer than others. As time has progressed in this iteration of reality, the parasite has continued to spread. It is not escaped by avoiding people altogether. Those that think they do are often downloading its influence from the telescreen or online. And man is a social being; utterly cut off from others, Man may create the parasite anew all on his own. He does this as he is left to drift in the fantasies of his own Mind.

Brief aside on the Epsilon agenda

That all men are equal is a proposition to which, at ordinary times, no sane human being has ever given his assent.

Aldous Huxley (‘Proper Studies’, 1927, Chapter 1)

It does seem that the masses are being retarded and this starts in the womb. Some of this is deliberate by the System. Some retardation happens because the parents of the child were themselves retarded before them.

If the NPCs are NPCs because of retardation, then they must have had the possibility of being PCs. However, if they never had a chance, if they were always NPCs, then the Epsilon agenda is just about programming those that are already robots. Which is possible.

In the strong model, the programming may affect the PCs, but they are able to reverse it. The NPCs are not. Again this reminds me of godless Calvinism.

As an alternative, I would refer you back to my analogy of the tiger. This is perhaps why the NPC vs PC dichotomy of function comes about and not because there are two fundamentally different types of person in form. 

If the constant barrage of ongoing propaganda was to cease, we can only speculate how far back the deprogramming could spread. There could be those who are too far gone. I suspect there are. But if the constant conditioning and programming were to cease, then I suspect the outcome would be far more widespread than most people think. But I am a hopeless optimist.

Nietzsche: the Overman vs the Lastman.

We can see precursors to the NPC/PC model in Nietzsche.

In ‘Thus Spake Zarathrustra,’ Nietzche described the Overman and the Lastman.

And then there is Man in between: “Man is a rope,” Zarathustra cries out to the crowd, “fastened between animal and Superman – a rope over an abyss.”

Here we have a seeming dichotomy. Perhaps a dichotomy of outcome with a continuum stretched between the two. Zarathrustra had been living in solitude on the mountaintop. He was filled with love of Man and come down to bring them the gift of his overflowing wisdom. He is warned that Man will not take kindly to his gift and will respond with ridicule and hatred. 

He preaches, “I teach you the Superman. Man is something that should be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? All creatures hitherto have created something beyond themselves: and do you want to be the ebb of this great tide, and return to the animals rather than overcome man?”

When he finishes his speech the crowd erupts in laughter. 

And so he teaches them about the Last Man. The following section is from the Academy of Ideas

But this self-infatuation of the Last Man conceals an underlying resentment, and desire for revenge. On some level, the Last Man knows that despite his pleasures and comforts, he is empty and miserable. With no aspiration and no meaningful goals to pursue, he has nothing he can use to justify the pain and struggle needed to overcome himself and transform himself into something better. He is stagnant in his nest of comfort, and miserable because of it. This misery does not render him inactive, but on the contrary, it compels him to seek victims in the world. He cannot bear to see those who are flourishing and embodying higher values, and so he innocuously supports the complete de-individualization of every person in the name of equality. The Last Man’s utopia is one in which total equality is maintained not from without, by an oppressive ruling class, but from within, through the “evil-eye” of envy and ridicule.

“No herdsman and one herd. Everyone wants the same thing, everyone is the same: whoever thinks otherwise goes voluntarily into the madhouse.” (Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra)a)

The realization dawns on Zarathustra that the mass of men are incapable of understanding the significance of his words. And so he formulates a new mission. He is not going to bring his gift and love to mankind, but to a select few individuals with the potential to rise above the herd, and who, in the words of Zarathustra, “follow me because they want to follow themselves – and who want to go where I want to go.” (Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra) With a newfound optimism and hope, Zarathustra leaves the town in search of new companions on whom he can bestow his wisdom.

And so we seem to have the Overman (PCs in full bloom) and the Last Man (full retardation of the NPCs). In between the rope of man. But few seem to be able to accept his teachings. It seems that there is no hope for them.

This must have been Nietzsche’s experience. But this is one man’s model. I like Nietzsche’s thought and his brazen questioning of all assumptions. But when I read him I see strong reactionary influences to his Christian upbringing and to his earlier Schopenhaurianism.

NPC meme in a nutshell: A simple but limited model, which to a certain extent can describe the actions of the masses and certainly has some uses, but it doesn’t cover the fulness of the terrain.

When applied beyond its limited usefulness, it limited nature becomes obvious.

Other models are available

A model which to a certain extent can describe the actions of the masses and certainly has some uses, but it doesn’t cover the fulness of the terrain.

Other models are available.

Alternative models:

Model 1: Draining of the Spirit.

Take No Gnosis (‘TNG’) has spoken and written about the civilization hoax. I am presenting a rough sketch of his ideas as I understand them. Civilization is the domestication of Man. Since some time in the 19th-century, Man has slowly been drained of spirit. As the spirit drains away the mass of mankind seems to become more and more indistinguishable from a programmable bot. END OF ROUGH SKETCH

As a result, it may now seem like there is a hard NPC vs PC dichotomy. Remember my tiger imagery. 

In my opinion, TNG is one of the finest souls in the realm. I talk frequently with him both verbally and via text. It seems to me that deep down we feel the same things. Where we differ somewhat in the details, we are able to do so forthrightly without forgetting what we hold in common. These differences are often just words. Sometimes it is just that we are all currently subject to a crazy psy-op which blows us this way and that. One day we may talk and he has been blown this way, and I that way. Underneath it all, I feel that we see the same things. But I am not speaking for him.

All of that is to say, I think I understand his model slightly differently. I think TNG is suggesting that the spirit is something different from our bodies. If I am putting words into his mouth, I apologize. Thus, Spirit would be something that can literally be drained from you and perhaps from the world.

Again, I see this as a useful model but a Newtonian model. It is correct in certain special circumstances.  I offer an Einsteinian development. The same could be said of my continuum NPC/PC model.

Inside I have thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings. Call this movement of will, flow, or spirit, whatever. What this is is wordless, but you have felt it. Looking externally we find a brain, guts, and the heart. 

I would say that the draining of the spirit is how it seems viewed externally. But it is modelled more deeply and internally as the corrupting of the natural flow of spirit, even a short circuit. Deprogramming is fundamentally the breaking of the short circuits or a correcting of the flow.  Those who have a corrupted flow of spirit look like NPCs, the walking dead.

And if ‘as without so within,’ holds any truth, then the similarity of resemblance in form, right down to the body tissue, seems to indicate that there is no hard form of the NPC model. 

Now of course there are differences in body language, oral language, action in the world and so on, which indicates a difference in function.

Why have some succumbed more than others? Not all are created equally and the agenda we have been subject to has created the dichotomy. To those who see themselves as PCs, I offer a warning. There may be bigger and faster tigers to come. I suggest that a hard NPC model may leave you too slow to avoid capture. 

Model 2: Magical Enchantment.

Another model could be that man has been subject to the slow spread of magical enchantment. Again starting from the early 19th century. 

Magic according to Crowley:


Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.

(Illustration: It is my Will to inform the World of certain facts within my knowledge. I therefore take “magickal weapons”, pen, ink, and paper I write “incantations”—these sentences—in the “magickal language” ie, that which is understood by the people I wish to instruct I call forth “spirits”, such as printers, publishers, booksellers and so forth and constrain them to convey my message to those people. The composition and distribution of this book is thus an act of Magick by which I cause Changes to take place in conformity with my Will.)

Magick Book 4

This model, and my modified spirit model, are practically describing two aspects of the same thing. It is what best describes the intuitive sense I get when I deal with people in reality. It is the feeling that comes over me as I walk through fields and country lanes. I feel it in the wind rustling through the trees.

Wordlessly I feel something else. Not the machinations of my mind but something in deep reality unaffected by the magical enchantment which has corrupted the flow of spirit in mankind. The short circuits are localized but seem to be spreading over time; vertically and horizontally.

“…put no trust in any thought that is not born in the open whilst moving freely about”

Freidrich Nietzsche

Outdoors, walking in nature, I feel the memory of Man as it once more and may be once again. I will go into more of this later.

Is there a man free from the programming, fully PC, one who has overcome and stands supreme as the Overman. I have not met nor talked to such a one. There may be some who look down at us all as the lastmen. 

I suggest that all PCs are still somewhat NPCs, and in forming a hard divide they risk stagnating at whatever level they have got to. If they view their current level as PC-hood, then they already see themselves at the pole, how then can they move on. 

All I have offered in these models is based on my anecdotal evidence with a variety of people.

BNW agenda

Everyday through all frustration and despair
Love and hate fight with burning hearts
Till legends live and man is God again
And self-preservation rules the day no more

Love like blood.

It has long seemed that the Epsilon Agenda was leading to a Brave New World. It seems that the current COVID-1984 event is the final thrust. Those that we can model as NPCs are accepting this without question. They are fulfilling their programming. But this is too simplistic. I see a great variety of responses and I see many people who have freed themselves from differing levels of programming.

This may not be found online, but I have seen this for myself. But still, there are some who will not see. 

As well as the NPC effects, it seems to me that some ‘PCs’ have been subject to a form of programming which is leading them to accept the inevitability of the Brave New World Agenda. Some of this perhaps comes from the dichotomous PC vs NPC model that some use. 

Some of it comes from higher-level programming. We have been subject to programming at all levels, both as a herd over time and as individuals within our lives. It is easy to think one is a PC and is deprogramming. But what tools is one using for deprogramming? Is it the culture provided to you by the cult? Perhaps you are freed from lower levels of programming just so you can be programmed in a different way. The cult has a different task for you in its agenda.

The highest Huxleian caste is still the result of programming. It is as much a part of the stratified herd and thus really no different. Just a shade of the same colour

Again, this programming is working at a higher level. I am not saying that the agenda is not leading somewhere obvious. I know that the agenda looks like it is leading to BNW as described by Huxley. I know that the herd is going along with the agenda. I know the PCs say, well if the herd is going along what choice do we have; but who cares what Huxley said and who said that we need to rely on the herd. 

The PCs seem to be saying, ‘if the herd aren’t going to react then there is no hope.’ I thought I was dealing with player characters far superior to the herd. And yet they are looking for the herd to act. This makes no sense to me.

One can criticise a normie for believing every story that the liars pump out, but is there any difference than one who sees the inevitability of the BNW agenda and the outcome by relying upon ‘syncs’ in the same media produced by the same liars.

Yes, yes, it is the cosmos speaking. The ‘Cosmos’ or whatever speaks wordlessly. In my view, true esotericism is seeing the inner in one’s exoteric phenomenological experiences. Combining these with patterns of one’s life is synchrorealism.

So what of the synchromystic patterns in film and mass media. Are they meaningless? Sure there is great work that can analyze and break down events. But all of this exists in the truth and lie system and cannot be removed from it. 

At best synchromysticism is one step along the way of deprogramming. Still, it must be laid aside otherwise it will be more programming.  Those who cannot do this will be mauled by a more agile tiger. And to those who escape, their infatuation with codes in movies and the news will look just like the normies downloading their stories from the newspapers.

The Brave New World end-game is still a hypothetical model that requires a chain of events that has not yet happened. Not that different from the COVID-19 computer models which the normies blindly believe. 

Further thoughts on Synchromysticism

I have presented a four part model of programming elsewhere:

Normie: Primarily map/terrain conflation, implantation of the fallacies of argument for consensus and authority.




In reality I don’t think these levels of programming are so easily categorizable. All of the revelations that one discovers as one moves up the pyramid can easily be new levels of programming. These corral those who think they have escaped the previous levels of programming.

Despite its usefulness as an analytic tool, I think that synchromysticism presents an especially dangerous course at this time. The syncs are pushing towards ‘The End’. To me this reminds me of the Neverending story and ‘The Nothing.’ This was a blackness that was spreading throughout the realm.

I view synchromysticism as functioning in the realm of the Mind. The Mind is a tool. Like logic, it can do nothing more than help work out the ramifications of the premises unless one adds one’s own intuition.

In the case of synchromysticism,  it seems to me that the premises are being provided by the authors of our stories. It operates in the Mind and takes its symbols and premises from the third realm of maps and models, in which the mass media operates.

But daibp, how could humans do all of this?  (How could humans pull off the moon landing hoax, easily)

Fine, fine, they couldn’t. Well perhaps one is simply plugging into the collective delusions of the brainwashed masses. Perhaps this is why so many lose their minds.

In the first chapter of ‘The Sync Book .it suggest that one must accept some concepts before starting off otherwise one will not get anyway. These look like dogmas to me. If one has these premises before starting, will sync not only reveal that which was contained in these premises?

E.g “The phenomena of Sync is a natural expression of that Collective Consciousness.” (Sync Book 1. pg 7) Well perhaps the syncs one is downloaded are corrupted by the parasite, or the diseased minds of Man.

No, no, something bigger than us is trying to communicate. Who is this person or thing? Is this not the same as saying downloading the daily news from someone you never me?. It seems to me that the methods used by synchromystics is similar to the way normies download stories from mass media. The sources are the same and they cannot believe that they are being lied to at this level.

Both the normie (exoteric) and synchromystic programming (esoteric) are leading to the same goal. An acceptance of the end; or the new normality; it is inevitable; and no one can do anything about it. Hence the synchromystics and the normies are resigned to the agenda.

If this is the case then I see no fundamental difference between the two and both have been sucked into the herd and can be modelled as NPCs.

How can a PC believe in the inevitability of it all? I am not talking about the system changing its agenda. I mean this: if a supposed PC believes in the inevitability of the BNW agenda, or the coming end, then they are an NPC. They are fatalists who have no concept of their interaction with destiny. If they have no ability to change anything then are they not an NPC? Why are they waiting for the Herd?

Perhaps the blackness of the parasite has caught them.

I have warned elsewhere that synchromysticism based on movies and mass media will lead to O’Brien and the love of Big Brother.

I am finding it harder to see much of a qualitative difference between those whose view on reality is determined by codes in movies and news events, and the normies who download their reality from the same propaganda. 

Am I saying that there is no place for syncs from mass media. No, but later in this article I will offer a different orientation to syncs.

Am I saying that the BNW will not come about, or the End will not not happen? No I am not saying this. But there is no inevitability in it. 

True Esotericsm in Nature

Oh, we must dream of promised lands and fields
That’s never fade in season
As we move towards no end we learn to die
Red tears are shed on gray

Love Like Blood.

When I am in nature everything talks to me. The true esotericism is not found in movies or the news, or in number codes. It lies in perceiving the wordless inner being in one’s exoteric engagement with reality, with nature, with the babbling brook, with the wind, even with the normies.

In the end, or rather, in the beginning we will see the role that Mind has to play. To repeat it is nothing more than a tool. There is the old saying, ‘when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.’

The more models that we carry from the black monolith, and the more time we spend in doors, the less we will perceive this.

At dusk every night I sit in nature, as the sun goes down something whispers to me. I remember a different way that has been lost. I remember that all this has happened before. The reset happens because Man did not find his way home. Nature will not stand for the BNW to stand. It ends this iteration and resets. This will keep happening until the few can finally drop their wands of belief, their maps and their models which come from the truth and lie system.

I am not telling you that synchronicity has no place. I preach synchrorealism. One may use the realm of maps and models, movies and songs, but one’s orientation is reversed. 

David Icke once expressed what I am trying to say: 

The synchrorealist, if he wishes, can take imagery from literature, art, movies and music, but he wields them as his heart has taught him. As his experience in reality has taught him.

These interact with his intuition, but his intuition is not subject to syncs from mass media and the parasitical authors.

He is not searching for hidden codes that will somehow explain reality for him. He wields the codes, symbols, syncs and allegories as a warrior firmly in reality. They are no longer his master pushing him this way and that.

He is gradually moving from this:

Ten of Wands

To this.

The fool carries one wand. He can pick up and put down what he chooses. He surveils reality as it is without fear. He exists outside the rest of the tarot.

This image of the Fool is aloof and he looks like he does not care. But this age of the fool will only come when reality returns to its true self. Till then, the Fool manifests in reality as the Fearless One.

Till the fearless come – Some wild speculation and hope.

We must play our lives like soldiers in the field
The life is short, I’m running faster all the time
Strength and beauty destined to decay
So cut the rose in full bloom

Till the fearless come and the act is done
A love like blood, a love like blood
Till the fearless come and the act is done
A love like blood, a love like blood

Everyday through all frustration and despair
Love and hate fight with burning hearts
Till legends live and man is God again
And self-preservation rules the day no more

Oh, we must dream of promised lands and fields
That’s never fade in season
As we move towards no end we learn to die
Red tears are shed on gray

Till the fearless come and the act is done
A love like blood, a love like blood
Till the fearless come and the act is done
A love like blood, a love like blood

Till the fearless come and the act is done
A love like blood, a love like blood
Till the fearless come and the act is done
A love like blood, a love like blood

Love like blood – The Killing Joke

I have suggested, and I feel like, this realm has been repeating itself in a groundhog day like fashion. I feel like the full flourishing of the BNW agenda is not allowed to stand. This means that either the truth and lie system falls or we must go through all this again.

God knows how many times we have been through this. Each time some mistake was made. I cannot remember the specifics but I feel that I have realized something different this time.

As the parasite spreads its way horizontally and vertically through the layers of programming, more and more will become NPCs, metaphorically speaking. As it resets we do not remember all the events but we carry some of the insights, wordlessly, deep in our being.

For this cycle to end, there must be the few, the fearless ones, who will not lose hope and who will finally shed themselves fully of the truth and lie system. There may be some operating in this realm far further along than me. I hope they look kindly on me and my NPC ways. I hope that they have not lost hope.

If those calling themselves PCs have no magical abilities then what are they if not NPCs. If they have no ability to cause change to happen in accordance with their Will, then what are they if not programmed robots with a different functionality. Their deprogramming was just reprogramming.

If the player characters must dance to the tune of the herd, then what difference is there between then and the herd?

If they can perform magic, and they have no desire to act to end the wheel of fortune, and return this realm to the place that it once was, then why the hell deprogram? 

If the game is won just by realising that one is not an NPC and then sitting back as it plays out, then it is the shittest game ever devised.

If the fearless ones come, then just as the programming and illusion creeped over mankind, so shall it retreat. This does not mean that all will be identical, that all will have the same congnitive and physical capacities. This does not mean that nature will change. However, I suspect that we will see it anew.

Michael Tsarion likes to say that reality is not Maya or an illusion, but our ideas about it often are.

Even our understanding of time will change. It was never time that was at fault, just our ideas about it.

I feel the world that was and will be again around me. It is still here. All I must do is finally drop these wands or else my ten of Wands becomes the ten of Swords.

ten of swords

To end the cycle of the end and the beginning, the fearless ones must come. Fearless and free of the truth and lie system, even of the models of synchromysticism.

 These will be those who have moved beyond all the layers of programming. Without maps and models, there is no programming and no fear. 

The blackness of the end, the nothing, and the truth and lie system, has been spreading through mankind through generations. It preaches the inevitability of the artificial matrix and the mass of NPCs ruled by the truth and lie system. The parasite is seen in 1984 and BNW.

In each iteration of this world, those who could reverse it failed. But there is destiny and there is fate. And I feel that there are some amongst us who are destined to rid themselves of this parasite.

As the truth and lie system has spread over mankind, so shall it recede. 

Reality and nature will remain as it was but we will see it as it is for the first time without the truth and lie system. 

If those who could start the reversal fail, nothing will be lost forever.  Nature will not allow the synthetic BNW to continue. I suggest the thought that is will is your programming. The image of a boot stamping on the face of man forever is the product of the parasite.

And what is required of anyone?

I suggest that fundamentally the parasitical system hold on the herd is based on the herd believing every story it is told. I have met real people in the real world who are starting to see more and more what is going on. They ask me what they should do. They have families and such things. I tell them all that in my opinion no more is required of them is to stop believing every story they receive from authority and consensus.

It is my hope that those who can at least make a start at this, will have opened them up to the return of the spirit as the parasite retreats.

If those at higher levels can perform greater acts then this is up to them. I do not mean violence. We are dealing with magical enchantment, a system of belief, a draining of the spirit. The wands of belief must be dropped. But the final act may not yet be at hand.

When the vaccines come I do not intend to take one no matter the consequence. But my then my thoughts tell me, what if I am not a fearless one? Then these words are just fantasy.

Others may feel like they have to because of circumstances. I make no judgment. I may be forced to have one. I may capitulate. But even their vaccines are just stories viewed externally. And if one is in a situation where they feel they cannot refuse, their rejection of the stories and the fear programming will be a type of the fearless ones.

If one’s circumstances dictate that one must take the vaccine, just do one’s best to reject their stories. If the fearless ones come, then the act will be done, and I believe these folks will reap the benefit.

IN SHORT: Those who can act will be able to act when they know the time is right. This time may come when they can no longer going along with the system’s violence.

Those who cannot act in this way will still speak frankly and forthrightly about the facts of the situation. Not to convert like a religious zealot, but there will be a deeper significance to this.

Those who feel like they cannot do this will simply stop believing every story they are told. In this, they will be on the side of the fearless ones.

We are all different, and I hope I have shown there is a part to play even for those who feel that they cannot play a part. In simply doing the last step, they will be helping to reverse the parasite.

But this is not to say that you cannot pick up and put down any wands that you require in these times. There may be dark times ahead, we may lose some along the way to the parasite, but when the fearless come, the nothing will retreat and like Dortothy we can return home.

Otherwise, the world will reset and play once again. And it will keep doing so, until those who proclaim themselves to be PCs finally act as if they are.

Bilbo Baggins carried the ring to defeat the dragon. Now he can return to the Shire.

Then man will return allegorically to the world that he once knew. A merrie world of simple reality and simple magic. And he will remember what happened when he once went wandering through the forest of the truth and lie system. 

For the fearless ones, they will live as the Fool. For those had some smidgen of spirit left, their destiny is shown in the other two X cards.

Ten of Pentacles
Ten of Cups.

All I have expressed in this piece I feel wordlessly. I have tried to put it into words the best I can. It is somewhat disjointed.

This is why I hope one day we will experience it as the terrain, and my words will not be necessary.

2 thoughts on “Till the Fearless Come.

  • April 25, 2020 at 7:54 pm

    It is difficult, (pun intended), to know what intentions lie behind one’s actions, let alone their words alone. This is made evident through online interactions. We are seemingly left with a choice of ‘do i trust or don’t i’. I would be lying if i said i was completely free of this cult mentality, for it is not without reason. But what i have gained was a price worth paying. A greater understanding and broader outlook for all intents and purposes, i am free to see possibilites and potential without the need to condemn, (although that is not to say condone) A way to liberate the mind from the ‘them vs us/truth & lie’ system.

    There has always been talk of man being on different levels. Whilst these differ in models, imo what they represent are both outward projections and inner reflections. One may be reaching for the moon and stars, the other seeking worlds within worlds. Both mental mappings are designed in order to recognise externally what has been internal all along.

    Whilst out walking the dog, i began contemplating on the whole NPC/PC idea in relation to the current covid climate. Anyone who reads the guidlines can see they are very vague and open to interpretation. It’s caused much confusion for many, especially if for whatever reason, one lacks the skills necessary for critical thought and so relies on some level of trust. And we all do in some area or other.

    Those at the stricter end of what is really a very broad spectrum, clearly exhibit strong traits of a more dominant and/or dictatorial nature, ie having a greater fear of death and/or loss of control. Basic instincts that connect man and beast. More of a weakness than a strength. The mark of a man is in how he treats those he deems lesser than himself.

    And to those people dictating we should all stay at home, i am grateful. Their staying at home allows me to quietly and respectfully go about my business. Ok, so i’ve encountered a few people whose behaviour is, shall we say, slightly dramatic but their numbers are few and more easily assimilated with a warm welcome. There is a noticeable difference to the amount of people venturing back out now as compared to a few weeks ago and people are being careful not to tread on anyone’s toes. Far better than what the fake news (on all sides) would have us do by inciting protests and aggression. I guess it could even be construed as ‘flattening the curve’. A test perhaps to see if people really are able to self govern. On the flip side, people who are depressed from working shitty jobs with next to no purpose other than to get money to pay bills, have time to develop new skills and learn new things, if they so choose.

    I’m under no illusion that things often get worse before they get better but i trust things will work out. And if or when the last man rejoins society, we shall have cause to celebrate. Perhaps i am projecting at this point but i too am optimistic. Or perhaps to put it in context, a pessimistic optimist.

    As for synchromysticism, it is a tempting lure, there’s no doubt. Another trap for those who seek a level of control and mastery of influence in governance. Will it have a place in the history books? Perhaps as a warning, but then curiosity has always got the better of people.

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